EGb 761® recommended for the treatment of mental problems caused by long COVID


Long COVID refers to lasting symptoms after an acute SARS-CoV-2 infection. long COVID can severely affect those affected. In addition to tiredness and fatigue, a common symptom is a reduction in mental performance. There are currently no evidence-based treatment options for this. In a recently published review, the authors present recommendations for GP care based on a systematic literature review and personal therapeutic experience.

EGb® 761 is also recommended as part of a holistic treatment concept. A positive effect can be explained by the pharmacological profile of the extract and its proven clinical efficacy. Although it is currently not possible to make a definitive statement on the efficacy in long COVID, EGb® 761 appears to be a suitable treatment option, particularly due to its favorable safety profile.

The publication Zifko U, Guendling K, Seet R, Kasper S. Management of cognitive impairment associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome: Recommendations for primary care. Front Pharmacol 2024, 15: 1338235. can be freely accessed here: