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Healthy aging: Research agreement with University of Vienna 

08.06.2022 - We are pleased to announce a new research agreement with the department of pharmacognosy at the University of Vienna. Under the guidance of chair Dr. Judith M. Rollinger, we will spend the next three years working on a joint project to analyze the positive effects of herbal extracts and combinations of natural substances on age-related diseases. Caenorhabditis elegans, a threadworm that is one millimeter in length, will be used for phenotypic analysis. This model organism is ideal for conducting research into the aging process.

In addition, trail-blazing biochemometric microfractionation processes were developed at the University of Vienna which will facilitate unique opportunities to identify the biologically active substances in complex compounds and to characterize them in detail.

Our Executive Vice President of Research & Development Dr. Dirk Bredenbröker is more than pleased by this project: “We are very happy about this initial successful cooperative project under the umbrella of the Schwabe Phyto Innovation Challenge – especially since we have made these arrangements with one of the world’s leading scientific institutions in this field!”


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