Meta-analysis shows the efficacy of Menthacarin®

Menthacarin®, the combination of peppermint oil and caraway oil, is the active substance of products such as Carmenthin® and Gaspan®. The medical journal Digestive Diseases has now published a meta-analysis in which three randomized placebo-controlled studies were reviewed and analyzed. In patients with functional gastro-intestinal complaints, Menthacarin® achieved a significant reduction of pain intensity and an improvement in overall health. The scientific community regards meta-analyses as the highest form of evidence that confirms efficacy.

Furthermore, the manuscript provided an overview of published clinical data about Menthacarin® in treating functional gastro-intestinal complaints. In five randomized clinical trials involving a total of 580 patients with functional dyspepsia, Menthacarin® was observed to have a significant effect on symptoms such as pain, bloating and a feeling of postprandial fullness versus placebo or to have a similar effect as a comparator product.

The article shows that Menthacarin® has clinically relevant treatment effects on gastric pain, bloating and/or a feeling of fullness, and it encourages herbal medicines to be taken into account in future treatment recommendations.

The original publication ...

Madisch A, Frieling T, Zimmermann A, Hollenz M, Labenz J, Stracke B, Miehlke S. Menthacarin, a proprietary peppermint oil and caraway oil combination, improves multiple complaints in patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders – a systematic review and meta-analysis. Dig Dis 2023; DOI:10.1159/000528553 is available in full at this