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Schwabe Group Germany: Converted to green electricity!  

26.01.2023 - In 2022, the Schwabe Group Germany converted to green electricity at both of its sites in Karlsruhe. This means that all of the electricity obtained from our power supplier comes from renewable kinds of energy. 

+ E-vehicles 

Schwabe Group Germany has already prioritized electric cars in its fleet of vehicles, although it still has some cars with combustion engines. By mid-2023, these cars will also be exchanged for electric vehicles.  

What’s more, since 2019 Schwabe Group Germany employees have had the option of commuting between sites with an e-bike instead of driving. As an alternative, they can also take public transportation for free.  

= More sustainability  

The step towards green electricity is a significant step towards sustainability! So switching from gas-fueled cars to electric cars makes even more sense. 

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