Schwabe Group to launch a joint venture in Brazil!

Today the Schwabe Group announced its joint venture with the leading Brazilian phyto expert Herbarium Laboratório Botânico. This will allow us to further solidify our position on the largest South American phyto market and continue to develop across all of the strategically important product sectors in this dynamic environment. The joint venture will begin in January 2024 and feature four products.

"By joining forces with Herbárium, we have brought a strong partner on board who has local expertise and a solid network within the Brazilian market, the regulatory environment and in professional circles", says Peter Rudolf Braun, Executive Vice President International Markets at the Schwabe Group

Herbarium is a mid-sized company managed by the second generation of family owners and has annual sales of 50 million euros. It is also the largest manufacturer of phytopharmaceuticals.

For Herbárium, the joint venture with the Schwabe Group represents significant growth potential. As one of the world’s leading phyto companies with global annual sales of €950 million, the Schwabe Group brings the prospect of future product launches and an innovative pipeline to this project.